Congratulations AFC Champions League | Top 2 Prediction | Winners Result

AFC Champions League Prediction Winners result are out!

Terms and Conditions

1. This promotions is only open to members who have participated in this " AFC Champions League Final Top 2 Prediction " events.
2. Congratulations to the AFC AFC Champions League final. The champion team is () and the runner-up is ().
3. Winner who successfully predict the correct answer to the "champion, runner-up" team and ranking order, will receive cash bonus SGD288.88.
4. From October 1st to -31th, winner of the prediction who total accumulated deposit reaches more than SGD500, you will receive an extra cash prize SGD100 for a total of
SGD 388.88 cash prize.
5. Cash bonus will be announced or notify by whatsapp and cash bonus will be paid to the winners within
3 working days.
6. The cash bonus for this activity does not need to reach any turnover before withdrawing directly.
7. Please refer to the list of winners below:

Winners Cash Prizes 
1. tom**sa**9 SGD 288.88 
2. Se***li**68 SGD 288.88 
3. Win***09* SGD 288.88 
4. Cut***wo**1 SGD 288.88 
5. Ako****08* SGD 288.88 
6. Qi**333* SGD 288.88 
7. Fu*dr***d5 SGD 288.88 
8. Cho**tte***w7 SGD 288.88 
9. Chi**ke****888 SGD 288.88 
10. Jon**ha** SGD 288.88 
11. Yui**vv**558 SGD 288.88 
12. Gol*****bel3 SGD 288.88 
13. Jar****d**0j SGD 288.88 
14. Lon**yfu** SGD 288.88 
15. Ma**ga***n88 SGD 288.88 
16. Kang****etw* SGD 288.88 
Winners Cash Prizes 
1. Zi***tan77 SGD 388.88 
2. Min***Ho**13 SGD 388.88 
3. Eri**h**888 SGD 388.88 

8. Members need to guess which two teams will both enter the final, and the order of the champion and runner-up.
9. Members can only predict the successful team and ranking order in a single submitted answer to be counted as valid.
10. If member submitted answer is correct for the final team, but is not in the single submitted answer transaction, the result will be counted as invalid or unsuccessful.
11. Among the answers submitted in a single submission, only a successful guess of the team and the ranking order can win the cash bonus.
12. If your account credits balance more than SGD10 or pending match your previous rollover requirement will be stack to your next time deposit.     
13. Each member only allowed having one registered account in HBET63, if we found out any member owning more than 1 account in same IP address or same household or using same personal information; HBET63 will treat these accounts as an organizational account. And HBET63 has the right to terminate everything of the accounts.
14. HBET63 reserved the right to alter, amend or pause any promotion, or any aspect of it at anytime and without prior notice.

General promotional Terms & Conditions apply.